An installer for dbus on windows

Mat matlinuxer2 at
Sat Mar 5 23:30:58 PST 2011

Hi all,

  I have some projects which depends on dbus libraries, but I do not
find a convenient installer for dbus on windows. So me and some
friends make one by need. Here is the installer we just uploaded:

  The usage steps are :

      1. download installer and install it

  and verify test steps are:

      2. download and unzip it
      3. open CMD.exe and execute `dbus-monitor` ( optional, but can
help to see status )
      4. execute `echo-server.exe` in the example-echo\ directory
      5. execute `try-echo.bat` in the example-echo\ directory

  If the dbus works, you will see some message responded.

  Currently, we included D-Bus C and C++ libraries and their
dependencies, tested on WinXP x1 and Win7 x2. The build process is
done by kde-windows's emerge ( It's really great, thanks a lot!! ),
and we just write some NSIS  and BATCH scripts to packaging it. This
is not official port, but we hope to keep it maintained ( because we
need it ourself, too )

  If you have any problem or suggestion about the installer, please to
reply or send email to us. I will try to help you as I can.

  Hope it helps and looking forward your reviews and feedback :-)

  sincerely, Mat.

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