Reliability of the D-Bus broadcast messages

Bogdan Lotko boguslaw.lotko at
Fri Mar 11 11:58:09 PST 2011


I'll be very grateful for explaining of the question of reliability of 
the D-Bus "broadcast" messages.

In my test system one application sends hundreds  of (broadcast) 
messages to a given path and interface (I am using the Qt binding,  so 
please excuse me if the terminology is not quite correct)

QDbusMessage msg = QDbusMessage::createSignal("/myPath", "xxx.yyy.myIf", 
for( int i=0; i < 999; i++ )

Couple of other applications connect to the D-Bus "listening" for this 

DBusConnection.connect("", "/myPath", "xxx.yyy.myIf", "myMessage", this, 

One of the applications has delays build in for test purposes.

Until now I could not observe any message loss. Also the delayed 
application has received all sent messages.

1) Does it mean that this way of distributing of messages is reliable?
2) Could this feature be implementation dependent?
3) Is there any specification describing this behavior of the D-Bus 

Thank you for your help

with best regards,


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