Distributed service on D-Bus - Just an idea and one question

Bogdan Lotko boguslaw.lotko at chello.at
Wed Mar 16 07:58:22 PDT 2011


It is just an idea, i know that currently it is not possible, but in my 
case it would be very useful.
(I am using mainly the Qt binding, so please let me also use the Qt 

Assume that more then one application can register this same service 
e.g. "org.me.myservice",
only the registration of the same object path for the same service is 
not allowed.
In such a case if the object path will be specified by creating of dbus 
interface  the dbus-daemon will route messages  to the application 
addressed by the (service,objectPath) pair. Otherwise messages are 
distributed between registered applications.

I find it could be useful if the load distribution is required.

What happens if an application registers a service, and then it forks ?

with best regards,


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