QDBusConnection: name 'xxx.yyy.yyy' had owner '' but we thought it was ':n.nn'

Bogdan Lotko boguslaw.lotko at chello.at
Thu Mar 31 04:39:24 PDT 2011


Suddenly the message as in the title appeared during my program 
start-up. (written to the sdterr(?) on terminal)
At the beginning I thought that it has something to do with the 
DBusServiceWatcher, that I've just installed in the program.
(The creation of the watcher instance that shall signalize 
unregistration of a service and the call to the addWatchedService() 
method have been done BEFORE the service start. )
Then (after some minor changes, experiments with watcher and of course 
program starts) the message disappeared suddenly ???

My questions:

- What is the meaning of this message. Is it something one should care 
- Is it something specific for the Qt implementation?
- Could somebody describe the situation in that the message occurs, and 
how it could be  avoided / eliminated?

Thank you for your help,

With best regards,


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