Common interfaces for speech services

Michael Pozhidaev msp at
Mon Nov 7 04:15:16 PST 2011

Hello, everybody!

I have the question about developing common interfaces for various
services. In Russia there is speech server used by blind people for
real-time generation text-to-speech. It takes commands like "say" and
"stop". Now this server uses its own protocol for client connections but
we have an idea to add D-Bus implementation to unify access to service.

It seems to me it is a good approach to suggest common interface to
text-to-speech servers in org.freedesktop like we already have
org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer for every media player as any other common
interface for other type of services.

As I got by searching in Google there is no common interfaces in
org.freedesktop for speech servers but there are some attempts to
process speech commands with D-Bus without any compatibility between
each other. 

I would like to suggest some basic view of the interface for speech
servers but I don't know what I must do for this work. I am ready to do
it, provide some basic implementation, listen different comments and
include improvements.

Is any registration on freedesktop needed for this work or I can simply
present my suggestions here and follow the discussion? 

If I am wrong and there are already existing standarts for speech,
please, let me know, I will simply implement required support in our speech

Thanks for any information!

Michael Pozhidaev. Tomsk, Russia.
Russian info page:

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