D-Bus windows help

Brett Stottlemyer brett at stottlemyer.com
Mon Jul 2 07:10:33 PDT 2012

Hi all,

Can someone who has used D-Bus/QtDbus on windows help me understand if I am
using it wrong or have found a bug?

I am a beginner with D-Bus.  I'm trying to decide if QtDbus is a good
solution for an IPC need I have on Windows (starting with process to process
on the same machine, but eventually extending to different machines).  I
followed the instructions on Ray Rischpater's blog
(http://www.lothlorien.com/kf6gpe/?p=141) with the exception that I am using
VS2008 and built everything (including expat) from source.

I can run qdbusviewer and the Qt car/carcontroller examples to the extent
that the GUIs load.  

Qdbusviewer provides the following message "Error: Cannot connect to D-Bus:
Server address of type nonce-tcp was missing argument noncefile", and the
carcontroller just shows disconnected (I assume for the same reason, a bad
address used to try to create a socket).

I'm not setting environment variables for the session address to use.  I
thought an out-of-the-box address would be created which would work for IPC
on localhost.  I can see in the code (_dbus_transport_open_socket in
dbus-transport-socket.c) where the failure is happening.  My entire address
string is "nonce-tcp:", there is no "host", "port", "family" or "noncefile"
provided.  This comes directly from CMakeLists.txt, where
to "nonce-tcp".

If this is operator error, can I get some pointers on how to get up and

As a related question, what is the purpose of noncefile?  It is not clear to
me when I should use tcp and when I should use nonce-tcp.


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