dbus-glib-0.100 crashing on make in examples

Mark Mikofski bwanamarko at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 19 15:32:14 PDT 2012

The ./configure runs fine, but the make fails when it makes in dbus/examples

$ dbus-binding-tool.exe --mode=glib-server --prefix=some_object --output=example-service-glue.h ./dbus/dbus-glib-0.100/dbus/examples/example-service.xml

Compilation failed: Failed to execute child process (No such file or directory)

I have glib-genmarshal on my path, since that has been an issue for the examples in the past

$ which glib-genmarshal

system: i686-pc-mingw (mingw32)
GTK: PyGTK 2.24 (GTK-2.0)
dbus: 1.6.4

Mark Mikofski
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