Manuel Reimer manuel.spam at nurfuerspam.de
Tue Nov 6 01:07:05 PST 2012

Martin Vidner <mvidner at ...> writes:
> 'h' is UNIX_FD, a newly added type, which is used in this API:
> method QString org.freedesktop.login1.Manager.CreateSession(...[!],
>    QDBusUnixFileDescriptor& fd, ...)
> You could avoid it by avoiding the introspection call, I don't know
> whether the Perl bindings can do that.

I managed to fix that by adding the new type to the relevant lists and make the
modules handle it like an int32. AFAIR Perl has routines to operate on file
descriptors by number, so an "int32" seems to be a valid return value.

I'll try to contact the author to send him my fix.

... but I'm getting unsure, if my solution is the right one, anyway... The much
easier solution would be to just prefix my ExecStart command in my systemd
service file with "systemd-inhibit ....".



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