Manuel Reimer Manuel.Spam at nurfuerspam.de
Wed Nov 7 08:54:28 PST 2012

Martin Vidner wrote:
> Also note that the integers in the message are not the FDs. The spec says:
> 	UNIX_FD: 32-bit unsigned integer in the message's byte order. The
> 	actual file descriptors need to be transferred out-of-band via some
> 	platform specific mechanism. On the wire, values of this type store
> 	the index to the file descriptor in the array of file descriptors
> 	that accompany the message.

For some reason, closing the returned integer using perl "POSIX::close" does 
what I expect: It releases the inhibit while the process still runs. So for me 
it seems that the returned integer is what the perl core module "POSIX" expects.

Why do I have to close the FD? Aren't they automatically closed as soon as the 
process exits? At least it seems like that as "systemd-inhibit --list" no longer 
lists my inhibitor after process exit, even if I don't explicitly close the FD.



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