DBUS overloaded.

Pradeep Panigrahi imppanigrahi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 05:03:46 PST 2012

Hi Dbus experts,
I have a query.

Since Bluetooth in android  is using DBUS for IPC. So during some
operations which excessively uses dbus ex. continuous Bluetooth on-off,,
the DBUS is getting overloaded and hence i can see a 25 second gap in
turning on the bt sometimes . This 25 seconds is coming from the
variable  parser->limits.activation_timeout = 25000; /* 25 seconds */  in
dbus/bus/config-parser.c . From the analysis i found that its stuck at
the  _dbus_poll
function() during this 25 seconds????

I tried to disable dbus message but still this issue is coming.

Can somebody please point me if there are some changes which went into dbus
recently which could solve such issue?? Please guide me to the same.

I am using dbus 1.4.20

Panigrahi P
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