[java] dbus disconnecting / threaded use of dbus

Will Thompson will.thompson at collabora.co.uk
Tue Sep 4 10:08:18 PDT 2012

[re-CCing the list so others can see this wasn't the issue.]

On 04/09/12 13:02, Colby M White wrote:
> My objectpaths seem valid. They are alphanumeric strings. In my test
> example, I'm just using words. getId() returns something like "one" or
> "two" every time. Here is that line of logging done again with the path
> intact:
> [org.freedesktop.dbus.AbstractConnection$_sender.run()] Got message:
> DataChanged(0,365) { Path=>/seventeen, Interface=>dbus.topics.Topic,
> Member=>DataChanged, Signature=>a{sv} } { {Name=[seventeen],// the rest
> of the map//} }

Okay, then it's not the path. But maybe it's some invalid data in the 
body of the message (which is elided above).

It might be useful to compare a signal which is successfully emitted 
with one which causes the disconnection.

(Or it could be some other bug totally unrelated to the body of the 


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