libdbus vs libgio

Mike Gorse mgorse at
Fri Sep 7 14:36:35 PDT 2012

On Fri, 7 Sep 2012, Michael Albinus wrote:

> The latter one is not an option for Emacs. I came to the problem because
> of at-spi2. GTK based applications are integrated in at-spi2 with their
> main menus via gdbus. Adding our internal at-spi2 logic via another
> session bus connection is a nightmare. And we would loose this default
> at-spi2 integration, if we would use a glib w/o gdbus.
> For other use cases, there doesn't seem to be a big problem having two
> independent session bus connections in parallel. AFAIK.

Fyi, AT-SPI is using libdbus, not gdbus, though something else 
(gsettings?) might be creating a gdbus connection, since anything inside 
of gio would use it. Are you seeing deadlocks or other problems as a 
result of having multiple libraries using different D-Bus 
connections/implementations? Anyway, porting the lisp bindings may or may 
not help, depending on what you're running into.


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