Serge Hallyn serge.hallyn at ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 13 13:53:26 PST 2013

Quoting Thiago Macieira (thiago at kde.org):
> On sexta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2013 14:19:14, Serge Hallyn wrote:
> > > I am pretty sure it would be wrong to have something like this as data
> > > type. This data should be appended implicitly, not explicitly.
> So it should send them all, like Lennart said that kdbus is already doing.

Send all of what?

> > It can't be done implicitly, though, since dbus doesn't know which
> > ucred I want to send.  I'm not authenticating as that task, I just need
> > an unambiguous namespace-independent identifier for it.
> Use the unique connection ID.

an unambiguous namespace-independent identifier for a task not involved
in the connection.


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