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Lennart Poettering mzqohf at
Mon Dec 30 12:33:34 PST 2013

On Mon, 30.12.13 15:23, Glenn Schmottlach (gschmottlach at wrote:

> 1) Requires systemd integration in your distro?

The existing userspace only works with systemd. Nothing stops others to
write an alternative userspace implementation for this though. I started
this discussion here to make sure we an get enough of this into the spec
so that those bus implementations stay interoperable enough for apps to
not care about the bus implementation used.

> 2) Will require language bindings to libdbus to change . . . or is
> this the shim the guys at Samsung are working on?

All existing dbus clients will just continue to work, via the bus
proxy. of course, they won't get any of the cooler features of kdbus
this way, and things won't be as fast as they could since every message
is remarshalled during proxying.

> I ask about #2 because I have a Lua binding to D-Bus that uses the 'C'
> reference library as it's glue to D-Bus. I was hoping the language
> binding would *not* have to dramatically change to accommodate kdbus.

The Smasung guys supposedly work on a direct backend on top of kdbus for
libdbus1. I am not sure what the latest status of this is.

Note that for our own roadmap we decided to primarily care for native
gdbus and libsystemd-bus backends, and simply deal with libdbus1 clients
via the bus proxy thingy, however we certainly welcome if libdbus1 also
talks kdbus natively.


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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