maximum bus timeout limit

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at
Wed Feb 13 12:38:03 PST 2013

On 13/02/13 14:29, Keyur wrote:
> What is maximum bus timeout limit for dbus blocking function?

As long as you like.

> how to set timeout for dbus function?

It depends which implementation you're using. Most implementations let
you specify a timeout when you call a method, with -1 meaning "let the
implementation choose" (if you tell libdbus to use timeout -1, it will
currently use 25 seconds).

If you're using libdbus, it's the timeout_milliseconds parameter to
dbus_connection_send_with_reply() or

If you're using GDBus, it's the timeout_msec parameter to
g_dbus_connection_call_sync(), g_dbus_connection_call(), etc.

If you're using dbus-glib, don't; but if you really have to, you can use
dbus_g_proxy_call_with_timeout() or
dbus_g_proxy_begin_call_with_timeout() or
dbus_g_proxy_set_default_timeout(). The timeout argument is interpreted
in the same way as for libdbus.

> and what is maximum timeout limit?

In recent libdbus, specifying DBUS_TIMEOUT_INFINITE (or INT32_MAX or
0x7fffffff) is a special case which results in an infinite timeout.
In older libdbus, that value is taken literally as 0x7fffffff
milliseconds, which is more than 24 days.

GDBus uses G_MAXINT for the same thing.


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