dbus getting Originator ID in C

Richard tuxbox.guru at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 05:13:41 PST 2013

On 15 February 2013 17:21, William Manley <william.manley at youview.com> wrote:
> On 11/02/13 20:46, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> On segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2013 20.29.04, Richard wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> Pardon the intrusion but I am on the quest for some information as I
>>> am stuck. I tried searching but I am at a loss what to search for, but
>>> here goes.
>>> I am implementing a dbus based client and server and would like to
>>> know how to get the common name of sender of the message.
>> You can only get the unique connection name.
>>> Client                          Server
>>> dvb.ingres.client --->     dvb.settings.server
>>> I can receive all the messages at the server but would like to know
>>> WHO sent the message.   _get_sender() returns a chaging number,
>>> get_server_id returns a large number that I dont know where it comes
>>> from.
>>> Is there a way to get the human readable name of the message
>>> originator? (who the client is)
>> No, you can only get the unique connection name, which is probably the
>> "changing number" you mention.
>> You can ask the bus for the unique connection name of the sender you
>> expect it
>> to be and then compare if they are the same. Use the GetNameOwner call.
> This is slightly racy as the name owner may have changed by the time
> DBus receives the GetNameOwner call.  The way we have implemented such a
> mapping is by keeping a cache of the owned names by listening for
> NameOwnerChanged events.  You can then find out who owned the name when
> the message was actually sent.
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Thanks all,

In the end I added an originator tag in the message payload, on the
receiver end it will just unpack it and use it for information
reasons. There are about 5 different DBUS processes talking to each
other within the system, some are using the same username so
identifying the user is not practical.


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