<servicedir> scanning order

Joseph Artsimovich joseph.artsimovich at youview.com
Tue Jul 16 09:41:20 PDT 2013


In a system we are developing, we are going to have identically named
.service files (with different Exec attribute) in 2 different locations.
We want one of those locations to have higher priority than another.

>From dbus manual page it follows that <servicedir> entries are scanned
in reverse order they appear in config file:
Adds a directory to scan for .service files. Directories are scanned
starting with the last to appear
in the config file (the first .service file found that provides a
particular service will be used).

Unfortunately my tests show that <servicedir> entries are really scanned
in the order they appear in config file.

It looks like either the documentation or implementation needs to be fixed.

Joseph Artsimovich
Software Engineer at YouView TV Ltd

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