Fwd: Re: Race condition in send_with_reply_and_block()

rony rony at wu.ac.at
Wed Jul 24 08:24:48 PDT 2013


On 23.07.2013 18:18, Glenn Schmottlach wrote:
> In my experience, mixing access to D-Bus with multiple threads is generally a "bad idea". My
> experiences have been with the reference library (libdbus) and when used correctly (without access
> from different threads) it has proven to be quite robust. I've written my own Lua binding to the
> reference library and adhered to an asynchronous design pattern with a main-loop and single
> threaded architecture. This isn't the first binding I've done but early on the non-deterministic
> nature of using libdbus from multiple threads became painfully obvious. I have absolutely no
> experience with GDBus so I can't comment on the robustness of it's multi-threaded implementation.
> In general, however, I try to avoid using multiple threads with some of these large libraries
> whether they're for communication or graphics. Generally, have one thread that utilize the API and
> marshall the requests/responses (from different threads) over a synchronized channel. This
> approach has always worked well for me and reduced the time I've spent scratching my head and
> wondering why I'm seeing an unexpected seg-fault or (apparent) out-of-order execution.
> Good luck with your efforts to use D-Bus from multiple threads . . . but if you have the
> opportunity, you may want to reconsider your approach . . . and certainly a different library than
> the reference one if you're stuck having multiple threads access the API.
thank you for your hints, will have to think about what would be best to do!


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