Announcing dbus 1.6.16

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at
Tue Oct 8 10:53:27 PDT 2013

The “Fortify Agility” release.

This is a stable-branch release fixing some bugs. For
development-branch users, 1.7.6 will hopefully follow soon (yes I know
I said that last time).


• Make dbus_connection_set_route_peer_messages(x, FALSE) behave as
  documented. Previously, it assumed its second parameter was TRUE.
  (fd.o #69165, Chengwei Yang)

• Fix a NULL pointer dereference on an unlikely error path
  (fd.o #69327, Sviatoslav Chagaev)

• Unix-specific:
  · If accept4() fails with EINVAL, as it can on older Linux kernels
    with newer glibc, try accept() instead of going into a busy-loop.
    (fd.o #69026, Chengwei Yang)
  · If socket() or socketpair() fails with EINVAL or EPROTOTYPE,
    for instance on Hurd or older Linux with a new glibc, try without
    SOCK_CLOEXEC. (fd.o #69073; Pino Toscano, Chengwei Yang)
  · Fix a file descriptor leak on an error code path.
    (fd.o #69182, Sviatoslav Chagaev)
  · Fix compilation if writev() is unavailable (fd.o #69409,
    Vasiliy Balyasnyy)

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