Announcing dbus 1.7.6

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at
Thu Oct 10 05:20:43 PDT 2013

The “CSI Shrewsbury” release. This is a development release with lots of
new code, and probably some exciting new bugs.

In particular, users of non-Linux Unix: please test this release if you
want your platform to remain supported. I'll reply with more info on that.

Build-time configuration changes:

• Directory change notification via dnotify on Linux is no longer
  supported; it hadn't compiled successfully since 2010 in any case.
  If you don't have inotify (Linux) or kqueue (*BSD), you will need
  to send SIGHUP to the dbus-daemon when its configuration changes.
  (fd.o #33001, Chengwei Yang)

• Compiling with --disable-userdb-cache is no longer supported;
  it didn't work since at least 2008, and would lead to an extremely
  slow dbus-daemon even it worked. (fd.o #15589, #17133, #66947;
  Chengwei Yang)

• The DBUS_DISABLE_ASSERTS CMake option didn't actually disable most
  assertions. It has been renamed to DBUS_DISABLE_ASSERT to be
  consistent with the Autotools build system. (fd.o #66142,
  Chengwei Yang)

• --with-valgrind=auto enables Valgrind instrumentation if and only if
  valgrind headers are available. The default is still
  --with-valgrind=no. (fd.o #56925, Simon McVittie)


• Platforms with no 64-bit integer type are no longer supported.
  (fd.o #65429, Simon McVittie)

• GNU make is now (documented to be) required. (fd.o #48277,
  Simon McVittie)

• Full test coverage no longer requires dbus-glib, although the tests
  do not exercise the shared library (only a static copy) if dbus-glib
  is missing. (fd.o #68852, Simon McVittie)


• D-Bus Specification 0.22
  · Document GetAdtAuditSessionData() and
    GetConnectionSELinuxSecurityContext() (fd.o #54445, Simon)
  · Fix example .service file (fd.o #66481, Chengwei Yang)
  · Don't claim D-Bus is "low-latency" (lower than what?), just
    give factual statements about it supporting async use
    (fd.o #65141, Justin Lee)
  · Document the contents of .service files, and the fact that
    system services' filenames are constrained
    (fd.o #66608; Simon McVittie, Chengwei Yang)

• Be thread-safe by default on all platforms, even if
  dbus_threads_init_default() has not been called. For compatibility
  with older libdbus, library users should continue to call
  dbus_threads_init_default(): it is harmless to do so.
  (fd.o #54972, Simon McVittie)

• Add GetConnectionCredentials() method (fd.o #54445, Simon)

• New API: dbus_setenv(), a simple wrapper around setenv().
  Note that this is not thread-safe. (fd.o #39196, Simon)

• Add dbus-send --peer=ADDRESS (connect to a given peer-to-peer
  connection, like --address=ADDRESS in previous versions) and
  dbus-send --bus=ADDRESS (connect to a given bus, like dbus-monitor
  --address=ADDRESS). dbus-send --address still exists for backwards
  compatibility, but is no longer documented. (fd.o #48816, Andrey Mazo)

• Windows-specific:
  · "dbus-daemon --nofork" is allowed on Windows again. (fd.o #68852,
    Simon McVittie)


• Avoid an infinite busy-loop if a signal interrupts waitpid()
  (fd.o #68945, Simon McVittie)

• Clean up memory for parent nodes when objects are unexported
  (fd.o #60176, Thomas Fitzsimmons)

• Make dbus_connection_set_route_peer_messages(x, FALSE) behave as
  documented. Previously, it assumed its second parameter was TRUE.
  (fd.o #69165, Chengwei Yang)

• Escape addresses containing non-ASCII characters correctly
  (fd.o #53499, Chengwei Yang)

• Document <servicedir> search order correctly (fd.o #66994,
  Chengwei Yang)

• Don't crash on "dbus-send --session / x.y.z" which regressed in 1.7.4.
  (fd.o #65923, Chengwei Yang)

• If malloc() returns NULL in _dbus_string_init() or similar, don't free
  an invalid pointer if the string is later freed (fd.o #65959,
  Chengwei Yang)

• If malloc() returns NULL in dbus_set_error(), don't va_end() a va_list
  that was never va_start()ed (fd.o #66300, Chengwei Yang)

• fix build failure with --enable-stats (fd.o #66004, Chengwei Yang)

• fix a regression test on platforms with strict alignment (fd.o #67279,
  Colin Walters)

• Avoid calling function parameters "interface" since certain Windows
  headers have a namespace-polluting macro of that name (fd.o #66493,
  Ivan Romanov)

• Assorted Doxygen fixes (fd.o #65755, Chengwei Yang)

• Various thread-safety improvements to static variables (fd.o #68610,
  Simon McVittie)

• Make "make -j check" work (fd.o #68852, Simon McVittie)

• Fix a NULL pointer dereference on an unlikely error path
  (fd.o #69327, Sviatoslav Chagaev)

• Improve valgrind memory pool tracking (fd.o #69326,
  Sviatoslav Chagaev)

• Don't over-allocate memory in dbus-monitor (fd.o #69329,
  Sviatoslav Chagaev)

• dbus-monitor can monitor dbus-daemon < 1.5.6 again
  (fd.o #66107, Chengwei Yang)

• Unix-specific:
  · If accept4() fails with EINVAL, as it can on older Linux kernels
    with newer glibc, try accept() instead of going into a busy-loop.
    (fd.o #69026, Chengwei Yang)
  · If socket() or socketpair() fails with EINVAL or EPROTOTYPE,
    for instance on Hurd or older Linux with a new glibc, try without
    SOCK_CLOEXEC. (fd.o #69073; Pino Toscano, Chengwei Yang)
  · Fix a file descriptor leak on an error code path.
    (fd.o #69182, Sviatoslav Chagaev)
  · dbus-run-session: clear some unwanted environment variables
    (fd.o #39196, Simon)
  · dbus-run-session: compile on FreeBSD (fd.o #66197, Chengwei Yang)
  · Don't fail the autolaunch test if there is no DISPLAY (fd.o #40352,
  · Use dbus-launch from the builddir for testing, not the installed
    copy (fd.o #37849, Chengwei Yang)
  · Fix compilation if writev() is unavailable (fd.o #69409,
    Vasiliy Balyasnyy)
  · Remove broken support for LOCAL_CREDS credentials passing, and
    document where each credential-passing scheme is used (fd.o #60340,
    Simon McVittie)
  · Make work on *BSD by not assuming GNU coreutils
    functionality (fd.o #35881, #69787; Chengwei Yang)
  · dbus-monitor: be portable to NetBSD (fd.o #69842, Chengwei Yang)
  · dbus-launch: stop using non-portable asprintf (fd.o #37849, Simon)
  · Improve error reporting from the setuid activation helper
    (fd.o #66728, Chengwei Yang)

• Windows-specific:
  · Remove unavailable command-line options from 'dbus-daemon --help'
    (fd.o #42441, Ralf Habacker)
  · Add support for looking up local TCPv4 clients' credentials on
    Windows XP via the undocumented AllocateAndGetTcpExTableFromStack
    function (fd.o #66060, Ralf Habacker)
  · Fix insufficient dependency-tracking (fd.o #68505, Simon McVittie)
  · Don't include wspiapi.h, fixing a compiler warning (fd.o #68852,
    Simon McVittie)

• Internal changes:
  · add DBUS_ENABLE_ASSERT, DBUS_ENABLE_CHECKS for less confusing
    conditionals (fd.o #66142, Chengwei Yang)
  · improve verbose-mode output (fd.o #63047, Colin Walters)
  · consolidate Autotools and CMake build (fd.o #64875, Ralf Habacker)
  · fix various unused variables, unusual build configurations
    etc. (fd.o #65712, #65990, #66005, #66257, #69165, #69410, #70218;
    Chengwei Yang, Vasiliy Balyasnyy)

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