dbus-daemon statically linked with libdbus-1?

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Wed Jun 4 11:53:00 PDT 2014

Em qua 04 jun 2014, às 11:15:57, David Zeuthen escreveu:
> Hey,
> It looks to me like the dbus-daemon binary is statically linked with libdbus
>  $ ldd /bin/dbus-daemon|grep libdbus
>  <no output>
> resulting in duplicated program text. This happens on both Ubuntu
> 12.04, Fedora 20 and ChromeOS (based on Gentoo/Portage) with various
> versions of D-Bus.
> I can't think of any good reason of why to do this but figured I'd ask
> on the list before working on a patch. Thoughts?

It's intentional, for two reasons:

1) make sure that the daemon can start even if you messed up your libraries. 
If the system bus can't start, then your system is pretty much hosed. This 
also allows for systems to ship just dbus-daemon and no library if they have 
other non-libdus-1 bindings (like gdbus).

2) the daemon uses the private API from libdbus-1, which is not exported. It's 
simply not possible to link the daemon to the standard library.

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