dbus & preempt-rt compatibility patch

VITIELLO Fabien Fabien.VITIELLO at esg-group.fr
Fri Mar 7 07:06:30 PST 2014

Dear mailing list,

I'm Fabien Vitiello. I'm working on a project which need to use dbus under Linux kernel patched with preempt-RT.
Following the preempt-RT wiki, each RT application needs to have some modification about Policy and Priority concerning the scheduling.

In my project, Dbus will transfer messages with high priority for RT needs and others with normal priority for basic operations.
My question is: do exist a patch to DBUS to be compatible with preempt-RT extension in order to have DBUS as an RT application ?
I searched on the internet to find an answer but I didn't. This is why I'm asking here this question.

I really thank you for an eventual answer.
I'm sorry if it's not the right place to ask this question. In this case, could you tell me where to ask this kind of question ?

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