dbus performance information

VITIELLO Fabien Fabien.VITIELLO at esg-group.fr
Thu Mar 20 09:24:22 PDT 2014


Several old benchmark exist over internet. For example, old comparison between CORBA implementation and dbus says dbus is 18 times slower than CORBA.
I'm looking for information about dbus performance. Do you have more recent information on this topic ?
I didn't find answers in the documentation site except in the dbus FAQ question 7. It says dbus is about 2.5 slower than classic IPC mechanism. Is it an up-to-date information ?

Moreover, I found an interesting topic concerning "FD passing" mechanism. Do you know if it is a way to speed dbus inter-process or if it's already implemented ?
If it is better I was wondering how to activate this functionnality and how it works.


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