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> If someone reimplemented D-Bus over Win32 named pipes or something, it
> might be possible for that reimplementation to do something analogous
> to fd passing (HANDLE passing?),

Just for the record, Windows does allow passing HANDLEs over named pipes
and this was discussed when file-descriptor passing was introduced and care
was taken to ensure that the 'h' type could be re-used for such an
implementation (I think Lennart initially wanted to use another letter for
the type but chose 'h' maybe because the word HANDLE was thrown around. I
can't remember.). That's also the reason why the fd-passing in GDBus is
unix-specific e.g.


and the GUnixFDList type and the org.gtk.GDBus.C.UnixFD annotation for
gdbus-codegen(1) which are also unix-specific things.

So if someone were to implement GDBus over named pipes (which shouldn't be
too much work), I'd expect we'd add something like


and introduce a similar GWin32HandleList type and
org.gtk.GDBus.C.Win32HANDLE annotation + other porcelain (e.g. GDBusProxy +
friends) to make things work.

> but that reimplementation wouldn't
> necessarily look much like D-Bus any more.

The implementation I sketched above (D-Bus + win32-HANDLE-passing) would
look as much as D-Bus as D-Bus + unix-fd-passing does. But, sure, the
program would need to have #ifdefs for whether to use GUnixFDList or

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