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Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Thu Mar 20 17:46:58 PDT 2014

Em sex 21 mar 2014, às 04:32:37, LRN escreveu:
> Why not just re-use the unix-fd-passing interface for CRT FDs?
> I mean, you can _get_osfhandle() on a FD, pass the handle, then
> _open_osfhandle() on the other end, and pretend that the FD you get
> from it actually came like that. It will not have the same value as
> the original (and duping it may not always work if it's already
> taken), but otherwise it should work. More importantly, it will have
> the same interface as UNIX fd passing.
> Not that there shouldn't be a W32-specific interface, mind you.

Because you may want to pass a HANDLE that isn't a file descriptor. For 
example, sockets on Windows do not map to CRT file descriptors -- they come 
from a separate namespace and you can't do _get_osfhandle() on them.

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