Necessity to provide support for SCM_CREDENTIALS

Mateusz Malicki m.malicki2 at
Wed Nov 5 05:14:55 PST 2014


I am working with dbus-daemon launched in container (enabled user 
Client library (outside user namespace) isn't able to connect to dbus 
with EXTERNAL authentication mechanism. Dbus-daemon doesn't support for 
This fact is written directly in source code:

dbus/dbus-sysdeps-unix.c +1785

     /* Supported by at least Linux and OpenBSD, with minor differences.
      * This mechanism passes the process ID through and does not require
      * the peer's cooperation, so we prefer it over all others. Notably,
      * Linux also supports SCM_CREDENTIALS, which is similar to FreeBSD
      * SCM_CREDS; it's implemented in GIO, but we don't use it in dbus 
at all,
      * because this is much less fragile.

Why it isn't implemented?
If there is green light to implement support for SCM_CREDENTIALS?


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