Fwd: Re: Annotation in introspection XML <arg> elements?

rony rony at wu.ac.at
Tue Nov 11 00:54:05 PST 2014

On 10.11.2014 22:29, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Mon, 10.11.14 21:01, rony (rony at wu.ac.at) wrote:
>> On 10.11.2014 19:08, Lennart Poettering wrote:
... cut ...
>> However a kind request for a URL to the official standard for the freedesktop.org Introspection
>> DTD/XSD, it seems I cannot locate it. 
> http://standards.freedesktop.org/dbus/1.0/introspect.dtd
> That said, the spec uses this in the doctype:
> http://www.freedesktop.org/standards/dbus/1.0/introspect.dtd
> Which redirects to the first link. 
> Which brings us to another question, what should the dbus spec
> reference in the doctype there? The URL or the new one?
> The spec also claims a "more formal DTD needs writing", but it still
> references this one. I wonder if that sentence should be updated too?

Thank you very much!


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