DBus Daemon Data process

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Fri Apr 10 09:49:44 PDT 2015

On Friday 10 April 2015 16:06:51 Aubert Malek wrote:
> I'm trying to log DBus messages recieved by then sent by DBus Daemon but I'm
> little lost in the source code. Can someone explain to me  how the messages
> are processed by the daemon please? I can get the incoming message as
> expected (header+header fields+body) but when I log the message right
> before send through sockets I don't get this format (header+header
> fields+body). In what format does Dbus daemon send to socket? In fact I can
> see in my raw datas a dbus message (6c 01 00 01 ....) but there are others
> data logged before. Can you tell what do these data represent?

The format received is the same format as sent.
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