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Mon Apr 13 23:12:14 PDT 2015

> On 17/03/15 07:32, Jean-Pierre.Bogler at wrote:
> > I've read the Changelog and will talk to the responsible colleagues to
> > consider the upgrade. However, before we upgrade I want to identify 
> > issue to check if it already was fixed.

I finally found the time and tools to reproduce the segfault in 
dbus-daemon 1.6.4 and obtain a dump. 
A colleague of mine will proceed with the analysis. Nevertheless, I 
already want to share the dump 
in case someone is interested (or already knows if/how the issue was 

#0  _do_free (mem=0x190000) at malloc.c:4055
#1  0x76e2608c in *__GI___libc_free (mem=0x190000) at malloc.c:3672
#2  0x000208bc in _dbus_credentials_clear (credentials=0x9a698) at 
#3  0x0003d788 in shutdown_mech (auth=0x9a590) at dbus-auth.c:425
#4  0x0003dda0 in send_rejected (auth=0x9a590) at dbus-auth.c:1475
#5  0x0003e504 in handle_auth (auth=0x9a590, command=360, args=0x10) at 
#6  handle_server_state_waiting_for_auth (auth=0x9a590, command=360, 
args=0x10) at dbus-auth.c:1742
#7  0x0003dadc in process_command (auth=0x9a590) at dbus-auth.c:2203
#8  _dbus_auth_do_work (auth=0x9a590) at dbus-auth.c:2452
#9  0x0002b67c in _dbus_transport_get_is_authenticated (transport=0x9da68) 
at dbus-transport.c:719
#10 0x0002c698 in do_authentication (transport=0x9da68, do_reading=1, 
do_writing=0, auth_completed=0x7ee5b91c) at dbus-transport-socket.c:422
#11 0x0002d19c in socket_handle_watch (transport=0x9da68, watch=<value 
optimized out>, flags=<value optimized out>) at 
#12 0x0002b57c in _dbus_transport_handle_watch (transport=0x9da68, 
watch=0x7d210, condition=1) at dbus-transport.c:885
#13 0x0001f8cc in _dbus_connection_handle_watch (watch=0x7d210, 
condition=1, data=0x9a748) at dbus-connection.c:1515
#14 0x0002d3b4 in dbus_watch_handle (watch=<value optimized out>, 
flags=185268) at dbus-watch.c:700
#15 0x00038c98 in _dbus_loop_iterate (loop=0x6b158, block=<value optimized 
out>) at dbus-mainloop.c:842
#16 0x00039284 in _dbus_loop_run (loop=0x6b158) at dbus-mainloop.c:906
#17 0x0001cc78 in main (argc=6, argv=0x7ee5bdf4) at main.c:634
(gdb) quit

Does someone already know what happened and how to avoid the issue? 
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