simple question...

Thomas Green TGreen2 at
Wed Mar 4 14:05:26 PST 2015


Given this xml:

<interface name="org.bluez.Agent">
        <method name="RequestPinCode">
            <arg name="device" direction="in" type="o" />
            <arg name="pincode" direction="out" type="s" />

And using the code generated by gdbus-codegen (2.40.0) I properly get the invocation of my signal handler for the handle-request-pin-code event.  But when I try to pass back the response using :

    g_dbus_method_invocation_return_value(invocation, gvariant_new("(s)", pincode_string));
    return True;

the call that I am responding to eventually times out.  Not an invalid argument or any other failure.  It is like whoever signaled the RequestPincdode event didn't get the response.

Am I missing something basic here?  How can I see what I am really sending back (if anything)?


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