No core dump on dbus-daemon crash

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Mon Mar 16 09:43:17 PDT 2015


I'm currently hunting a bug where the dbus-daemon (version 1.6.4) 
sporadically is killed 
by a SIGSEGV during system start. Unfortunately, I don't get a core dump 
when the daemon 
is started by the user "messagebus".

root at imx6x-std:~# echo "/tmp/core" > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern
root at imx6x-std:~# dbus-daemon --address=unix:path=/tmp/bla1 
bus-1/system1.conf --nopidfile --fork
root at imx6x-std:~# busybox ps | grep dbus-daemon | head -n 1
 2504 messagebus 2548 S    dbus-daemon --address=unix:path=/tmp/bla1 
root at imx6x-std:~# kill -SEGV 2504
root at imx6x-std:~# ls /tmp/core*
ls: /tmp/core*: No such file or directory

If I remove "<user>messagebus</user>" from the system(1).conf. The crash 
dumps are written! 
Does someone have an idea why it doesn't work with user "messagebus"?

Best regards
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