Announcing D-Bus 1.11.4

Simon McVittie smcv at
Mon Aug 15 23:31:54 UTC 2016

The “copper pickaxe” release. This is a development release, in the
branch leading to future D-Bus 1.12.x stable releases.
git tag: dbus-1.11.4


• Building from git (but not from tarballs) now requires
  macros from the GNU Autoconf Archive, for example the autoconf-archive
  package in Debian or Fedora derivatives.

Build-time configuration:

• The option to enable coverage instrumentation has changed from
  --enable-compiler-coverage to --enable-code-coverage.


• D-Bus Specification version 0.28
  · Clarify some details of serialization (fd.o #93382, Philip Withnall)

• Increase listen() backlog of AF_UNIX sockets to the maximum possible,
  minimizing failed connections under heavy load
  (fd.o #95264, Lennart Poettering)

• Add a new dbus-launch --exit-with-x11 option
  (fd.o #39197, Simon McVittie)

• Use the same regression tests for subprocess starting on Unix and
  (fd.o #95191, Ralf Habacker)

• Print timestamps and thread IDs in verbose messages
  (fd.o #95191, Ralf Habacker)

• On Unix, unify the various places that reopen stdin, stdout and/or
  stderr pointing to /dev/null (fd.o #97008, Simon McVittie)

  (fd.o #88922, Thomas Zimmermann)


• On Windows, fix a memory leak in replacing the installation prefix
  (fd.o #95191, Ralf Habacker)

• On Linux, when dbus-daemon is run with reduced susceptibility to the
  OOM killer (typically via systemd), do not let child processes inherit
  that setting (fd.o #32851; Kimmo Hämäläinen, WaLyong Cho)

• On Unix, make dbus-launch and dbus-daemon --fork work as intended
  even if a parent process incorrectly starts them with stdin, stdout
  and/or stderr closed (fd.o #97008, Simon McVittie)

• Output valid shell syntax in ~/.dbus/session-bus/ if the bus address
  contains a semicolon (fd.o #94746, Thiago Macieira)

• Fix memory leaks and thread safety in subprocess starting on Windows
  (fd.o #95191, Ralf Habacker)

• Stop test-dbus-daemon incorrectly failing on platforms that cannot
  discover the process ID of clients (fd.o #96653, Руслан Ижбулатов)

• In tests that exercise correct handling of crashing D-Bus services,
  suppress Windows crash handler
  (fd.o #95155; Yiyang Fei, Ralf Habacker)

• Explicitly check for stdint.h (Ioan-Adrian Ratiu)

• In tests, add an invalid DBusAuthState to avoid undefined behaviour
  in some test cases (fd.o #93909, Nick Lewycky)

• Add assertions to reassure a static analysis tool
  (fd.o #93210, Deepika Aggarwal)

• Be explicit about enum comparison when loading XML
  (fd.o #93205, Deepika Aggarwal)

• update-activation-environment: produce better diagnostics on error
  (fd.o #96653, Simon McVittie)

• Avoid various compiler warnings with gcc 6
  (fd.o #97282; Thomas Zimmermann, Simon McVittie)

• On Unix when configured to use the system log, report as
  "dbus-daemon", not as "dbus" (fd.o #97009, Simon McVittie)

• During unit tests, reduce the amount we write to the system log
  (fd.o #97009, Simon McVittie)

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