launch helper exited with unknown return code 127

Florin Gherendi florin_gf at
Thu Jun 2 07:12:50 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

This is my first message to this list.
I've compiled and installed dbus 1.10.6 on an ARM DD-WRT WiFi router
with native gcc (not cross-compiled). All tests pass ok, but my dbus
cannot launch any service neither in system mode nor in session mode.

It will always give me "launch helper exited with unknown return code
127" when try to launch manually; and as example, for colord, when
trying "colormgr get-devices" nothing gets logged into syslog, it will
only tell me "No connection to colord: Could not connect: No such file
or directory".

Could anyone enlighten me about what the signification of the return
code 127 is?
Google-ing I can only find bug reports, but no info so far.

I must say that I modified installation root dir to /opt, since the root
filesystem is read only; but the config files are all changed
accordingly, and I've even tried to change the default search dirs in
the sources, but with no success. The service
org.freedesktop.ColorManager (as I was talking about colord) is system
wide known, cause dbus does not complain about the name (it *does*
complain if I use an unknown service name), but when I try to list all
services with "dbus-send --system --dest=org.freedesktop.DBus
--type=method_call --print-reply /org/freedesktop/DBus
org.freedesktop.DBus.ListNames" it does not get listed.

org.freedesktop.ColorManager.service is pointing to the correct location
of colord (/opt/usr/libexec/colord) and launching
/opt/usr/libexec/colord from command line doesn't give errors or core
dump; but it needs to be launched by dbus, which does not happen.

Where to look for errors?
Thanks in advance!


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