Padding at the end of message body?

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at
Mon May 30 19:56:07 UTC 2016

On 30/05/16 18:14, marcin at wrote:
> The message sometimes contains a bunch of null bytes after the body
> The specification says "The message body need not end on an 8-byte
> boundary." but "need not" does not equal "must not".

Please check how the reference implementation (libdbus) would interpret
those bytes: as an accepted-and-discarded part of the message you have
quoted, as padding between messages, or as part of the next message.
Whichever interpretation it would use, you can consider that to be
correct. A patch to dbus-specification.xml contributed via
clarifying which one is meant would also be appreciated.

The reference dbus-daemon will usually disconnect clients that send
anything that is considered malformed. If it doesn't, either that
content is not considered malformed, or the reference dbus-daemon has a bug.

Simon McVittie
Collabora Ltd. <>

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