One question about getaddrinfo invoked in _dbus_listen_tcp_socket

Elvis Qin elvis.qin at
Mon Oct 3 06:28:20 UTC 2016

*Hello Thiago Macieira*

*Really appreciate your feedback and suggestion about TCP usages.  I will
pay attention this. *

*What does you mean “No, it isn’t”. you mean current the A_ADDRCONFIG will
pass to uclibc API * *getaddrinfo(host, port, &hints, &ai) with 0x0020 |
0x0001 ?*

>* *hints.ai_flags = AI_ADDRCONFIG | AI_PASSIVE;   ==== > actually if*

>* AL_ADDRCONFIG is not 0x0020 but 0, this ai_flags still is AI_PASSIVE.**

> No, it isn't.

*Last information for you reference, after changing this line to
= AI_PASSIVE  delete AI_ADDCONFIG, **It can fix my case successfully(mean
launched dbus-deamon very early before network interface is created and
assign IPv4 or IPv6 address.)*

*Even I kill it then launch again in system, it still work fine.  Even I
test it in my X86 Ubuntu/Fedora distribution.*

*So If you think that we can change this line to hints.ai_flags =
AI_PASSIVE in this function in future release. In this way, the dbus-daemon
can be used in X86/ARM/MIPS embedded network devices. *


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