One question about getaddrinfo invoked in _dbus_listen_tcp_socket

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Fri Sep 30 01:58:02 UTC 2016

Hello Thiago Macieira

Please read my response for above subject.

First of all, don't use TCP.


For different machine I need use TCP.

Second, please read up on the recent case of exploit on Jeep cars. Hint: it

was caused by dbus-daemon used on TCP.

Third, 123456 is not a valid port number. That's probably why getaddrinfo



This port 123456 is just one example. I Know getaddrinfo ai_flags usage for
network socket.

You know

Uclibc define this 2 flags

# define AI_PASSIVE     0x0001  /* Socket address is intended for `bind'.

# define AI_ADDRCONFIG  0x0020  /* Use configuration of this host to
choose returned
address type..  */

My concern, this file you already define *AI_ADDRCONFIG = 0 not Linux
standard in dbus-sysdeps-unix.c source code line 98.*

*hints.ai_flags = AI_ADDRCONFIG | AI_PASSIVE;   ==== > actually if
AL_ADDRCONFIG is not 0x0020 but 0, this ai_flags still is AI_PASSIVE.*

*If my understanding is wrong, please correct me.*

*By the way, suppose if all the linux interface is not UP maybe not
created at all. I think this getaddrinfo MUST failed with EAI_NONAME =


*Elvis *
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