Announcing dbus 1.13.0

Simon McVittie smcv at
Thu Feb 8 20:01:57 UTC 2018

The “Citispeed Eco 75” release.

This is a new development branch for the adventurous, and comes with a
risk of regressions. OS distributions should stay with the 1.12.x branch,
unless they can commit to following the 1.13.x branch until it reaches
a 1.14.0 stable release at an unspecified point in the future.

In particular, the new Containers API is subject to change and shouldn't
be enabled in distributions yet, even those aimed at early adopters
(hello, Arch Linux).

git tag: dbus-1.13.0

Behaviour changes:

• DBusServer (and hence the dbus-daemon) no longer accepts usernames
  (login names) for the recommended EXTERNAL authentication mechanism,
  only numeric user IDs or the empty string. This is not believed to
  affect real D-Bus clients in practice, because most D-Bus clients
  send numeric user IDs: the only known client implementation that
  sends usernames is dbus-java, and that only when run on a system
  where the method is
  not available. (fd.o #104588, Simon McVittie)


• D-Bus Specification v0.32
  · Deprecate hyphen/minus in reversed domain names, recommending
    underscores instead. Recommend prepending an underscore to domain
    components that start with a digit, which would not be allowed.
    (fd.o #103914, Simon McVittie)
  · Clarify how the SASL authentication handshake works
    (fd.o #104224, Simon McVittie)
  · Recommend that the message bus should remove message header fields
    that it does not understand. The new item "HeaderFiltering" in the
    message bus' Features property indicates that it promises to do so.
    (fd.o #100317, Simon McVittie)

• Add experimental support for creating extra servers at runtime, to
  be used by app containers like Flatpak or Snap. This API is still
  subject to change and is not compiled in by default.
  (fd.o #101354, Simon McVittie)

• Improve automated test logging (fd.o #103601, Simon McVittie)

• The dbus-daemon now filters the messages that it relays, removing
  header fields that it does not understand. Clients must not rely on
  this behaviour unless they have confirmed that they are connected to
  a suitable message bus implementation, for example by querying its
  Features property. (fd.o #100317, Simon McVittie)


• Do not look up client-supplied strings in the system user database
  (NSS or equivalent) when using the recommended EXTERNAL auth mechanism.
  This could previously lead to a deadlock or timeout in the presence of
  slow or network-dependent NSS modules. (fd.o #104588, Simon McVittie)

• Fix a crash and an assertion failure in the server side of the
  nonce-tcp: transport under error conditions
  (fd.o #89104, Simon McVittie)

• Don't leak a file descriptor if setting up a launchd server fails
  (fd.o #89104, Simon McVittie)

• Fix some memory leaks in automated tests
  (fd.o #103600, Simon McVittie)

[… and also all the fixes released today in dbus 1.12.4.]

Internal changes:

• Harden the nonce-tcp: transport against resource leaks and
  use-after-free (fd.o #103597, Simon McVittie)

• Make _DBUS_STRING_DEFINE_STATIC more consistent with
  _dbus_string_init_const() (fd.o #89104, Simon McVittie)

• Add _DBUS_STRING_INIT_INVALID, analogous to NULL, and use it to
  simplify error unwinding code paths (fd.o #89104, Simon McVittie)

• Make the behaviour of _dbus_string_init_const()/_dbus_string_free()
  consistent with _dbus_string_init()/_dbus_string_free(): it now clears
  the string to _DBUS_STRING_INIT_INVALID, whereas previously it left
  the string untouched (fd.o #89104, Simon McVittie)

• Remove automated test data for wire protocol version 0, which has not
  been supported since 2005 (fd.o #103758, Simon McVittie)

• Simplify method calls in automated tests
  (fd.o #103600, Simon McVittie)

Simon McVittie, Collabora Ltd.
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