Dbus change of location from system_bus_socket

Mark Hieber hieberm at gmail.com
Wed May 23 13:35:39 UTC 2018

I am running Centos 7 in a virtual machine. We use systemctl and
hostnamectl, so dbus is included when we build our image as a dependency of

In the past, we used dbus version 1.6.12 and systemd version 219. Now when
I build my image I am using dbus v 1.10.24 and systemd v 219. However, this
seems to have introduced a breaking change, as system_bus_socket is now
installed in /run/dbus instead of in /var/run/dbus. This means that
commands like hostnamectl and certain systems in systemctl cannot run,
since they do not find the dbus socket.

My question is why was the system_bus_socket created where it was? Is this
a change of behavior?

In order to make things work, I created a symlink from /run/dbus to
/var/run/dbus. Is this the recommended approach to solve this issue?

The following packages were installed:
dbus x86_64 1:1.10.24-7.el7 centos-os 245 k
dbus-glib x86_64 0.100-7.el7 centos-os 102 k
dbus-libs x86_64 1:1.10.24-7.el7 centos-os 169 k
dbus-python x86_64 1.1.1-9.el7 centos-os 206 k
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