A new Python library for DBus: dbus-next

Tony Crisci tony at dubstepdish.com
Tue May 7 19:00:44 UTC 2019


I would like to let you guys know about my new DBus library for Python 
called dbus-next.





As a Linux Desktop community contributor, I often find myself using DBus 
for integrating my applications into the desktop environment. However, I 
was not satisfied with existing Python libraries because they require 
heavy dependencies or have bugs that are difficult to fix. So I wrote my 
own with the following features:

* Zero dependencies
* Support asyncio and the GLib main loop
* Use the latest language features of Python
* Complete implementation of the type system

I hope other people find this library useful and I'd like to invite you 
all to consider using it for your next Python project.

Any feedback on the API design is welcome. The library is completely 
documented and has tests that demonstrates usage.


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