Callback for service changed

JH jupiter.hce at
Thu May 9 04:09:54 UTC 2019

Hi Thiago,

> Your question does not make sense. Your callback is called when *any*
> message
> arrives. You get the message as a parameter. You decide what to do in
> reaction
> to the message you've received.

I know to filter the message if (dbus_message_is_signal(message,
"org.freedesktop.NetworkManager", "StateChange")), and I know the
reaction when the callback is called.

What I am not clear was which functions define the value and format of
DBusMessage *message and user_data to the callback function
DBusHandlerResult signal_callback(DBusConnection *connection,
DBusMessage *message, void *user_data) and where to find that
information? For example if the the value and format of DBusMessage
*message and user_data come from the org.freedesktop.NetworkManager in
an event of StateChange, I'll chase the information from
org.freedesktop.NetworkManager, that was my question.

Thank you.

- jh

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