udev rules files

Kay Sievers kay.sievers at vrfy.org
Sun Apr 26 15:24:54 PDT 2009

On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 23:45, Michael Biebl <mbiebl at gmail.com> wrote:
> Afaics, no such work has been done yet within hal, which allows to
> disable the different components.

Yeah, that will be done, when we consider the stuff to be ready. It
will be pretty easy to that, I expect.

> On the other hand, gnome-power-manager already uses DeviceKit-power.
> Will future versions of e.g. gnome-power-manager or gnome-mount fall
> back safely on HAL or will there be no problem if DeviceKit-power and
> HAL (with power mangement enabled) are run in parallel?

You can still run both at the same time. The current g-p-m will not
use hal, and not fall back. You can still use the old version for

Gnome-mount uses HAL and will not be ported to DK-disks. Nautilus/gvfs
already uses DK-disks, and gnome-mount can just go away after the
final switch-over.

>>> Would this be part of udev/udev-extras? Would udev become dependend on D-Bus?
>> No. If things work out as planned, DeviceKit, the main daemon, will go
>> away. Subsystem daemons will subscribe directly to device evens with
>> libudev. Udev/the kernel will do the event multiplexing/filtering,
>> there will be no D-Bus involved. It will be part of main udev, not
>> udev-extras.
> When approximately (weeks, months) do you expect this to happen?

Oh, that's hard to tell. I hope rather sooner than later. David may
know better, he's finishing DK-disks at the moment, which is the most
important part of HAL to replace.

> I'm asking, because I wonder if it makes sense to package DeviceKit
> (for Debian) in the meantime or if this will just be wasted effort.

DK-disks and DK-power would be good to have in the distros now. They
currently depend on DK, which will go away pretty soon.

I think, you just go ahead and package DK for now. If you don't need
to make promises about support, like when it would be in a released
distro version, it should be fine, and you can drop it when we
switched over to udev. The package is pretty trivial to manage, and
you can just look at the Ubuntu one, to copy the Debian specific
things, I guess.


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