DeviceKit and future of HAL

Michael Biebl mbiebl at
Sun Apr 26 18:58:12 PDT 2009

2009/4/27 Kay Sievers <kay.sievers at>:
> On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 23:45, Michael Biebl <mbiebl at> wrote:

>>>> Would this be part of udev/udev-extras? Would udev become dependend on D-Bus?
>>> No. If things work out as planned, DeviceKit, the main daemon, will go
>>> away. Subsystem daemons will subscribe directly to device evens with
>>> libudev. Udev/the kernel will do the event multiplexing/filtering,
>>> there will be no D-Bus involved. It will be part of main udev, not
>>> udev-extras.

What's the idea for platforms like Solaris or FreeBSD (which don't have udev)?

Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the
universe are pointed away from Earth?

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