DBus method naming of upower/udisks

randyf at sibernet.com randyf at sibernet.com
Fri Dec 11 02:16:47 PST 2009

On Fri, 11 Dec 2009, Martin Pitt wrote:

> randyf at sibernet.com [2009-12-11  1:43 -0800]:
>>  And to me, 'disks' or even 'disk' fits much better than 'udisk'
>>  (what is a 'udisk' service).  And if we talk about power, why
>>  'upower'?
> You are reading this in the application called "mail", and you are
> looking at web pages in the "webbrowser" application, right?
> Martin

   Both of which are universally acceptable as a service, vs. 
Thunderbird/Mutt/(god-forbid)Outlook or Mozilla/Firefox/Safari/IE.


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