devkit-disks: Allowed ntfs-3g mount options

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Jun 10 04:37:11 PDT 2009

Hello devkitters,

In it was noted that devkit-disks
does not allow most of the ntfs-3g mount options. So far, ntfs-3g has
shipped a hal fdi as a workaround (attached) which allows those, but
obviously that doesn't work with dk-disks any more.

Is the intention that ./src/devkit-disks-device.c itself gets those
new options, hardcoded? It already expects ntfs-3g after all:

| /* this is assuming that ntfs-3g is used */
| static const char *ntfs_defaults[] =       {"uid=",
|                                             "gid=",
|                                             "dmask=0077",
|                                             NULL};
| static const char *ntfs_allow[] =          {"umask=",
|                                             "dmask=",
|                                             "fmask=",
|                                             NULL};

If it shouldn't be hardcoded, is there any plan to allow overrides?

Personally I think that ntfs-3g has been pretty much the only use case
here, so adding them to devkit-disks-device.c would be okay.

Thanks for comments,


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