devkit-disks: Allowed ntfs-3g mount options

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Jun 15 05:08:15 PDT 2009

Hello David,

David Zeuthen [2009-06-12 10:41 -0400]:
> Hmm, I suppose we can add some more options here but note that there's
> no UI in GNOME anymore to configure mount options [1]
> [...]
> [1] : this is intentional; you shouldn't have to mess around with mount
> options, we should do the right thing out of the box. If you have
> special needs (like if you are a hacker) you can always just
> use /etc/fstab

I actually thought that this was just a transition issue and that the
mount options just weren't exposed in nautilus yet. If it's
intentional, then this is indeed a non-issue.

Dropping the mount options from the UI entirely stops people from
being able to share their USB hard disk with other users on the
system, though. There might be a few other use cases, but this one
seems to be the most obvious to me. I don't consider /etc/fstab a real
alternative, that feels like a step backwards and isn't possible for
non-admin users anyway.

But let's see how this goes..

Thanks for the heads-up,


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