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Hello folks,

time for a new update:

Martin Pitt [2009-06-17 19:08 +0200]:
> Aside from that, I'll try and beautify the generated .ini files.

They are now called '.mpi' (media player identification), and have
nicer file names by default. For single-product player fdi
descriptions they now have the product name instead of the USB product
ID. For multi-ID FDI records I kept the product ID list in the file
name for now, since otherwise the name gets too long. However, please
remember that this is only an issue as long as we actually have to
keep the .mpi database in sync with hal-info. As soon as we drop
the music players from hal-info, the .mpi files can of course be named
whatever we like.

Jonathan Matthew [2009-06-21 22:46 +1000]:
> I'm happy to work on some RB-friendly (c, glib) code for dealing with
> this.  Whether that's interesting to other music players is up to them.
> This feels like a case where the hassle of dealing with foreign code
> outweighs the cost of reimplementing it, though, so I'm not really
> expecting anyone else to use it.

Well, that project would also contain the actual .mpi files, or do you
plan to have them separately?

> What's the plan for maintaining the device DB?  The .ini files currently
> don't contain the information required to build the udev rules, and it
> seems a bit odd to keep updating the .fdi file after HAL is gone.

I originally thought that the .rules file would be maintained
directly. However, I like your and Kay's proposals, it makes more
sense to have the .mpi files be self-contained, and have a script
which produces udev rules from them.

I did that change in the scripts now. There are now two:

  $ ./ ~/freedesktop/hal-info/fdi/information/10freedesktop/10-usb-music-players.fdi
  → generate ./media-players/*.mpi

  $ ./ media-players/* > 40-usb-media-players.rules

  → generate udev rules
Scripts and output are on above URL. 


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