Blackberry device permissions

Chris Frey cdfrey at
Sat Jun 27 01:29:58 PDT 2009


I'm the lead developer on the Barry project, and I'm currently working
on getting Blackberry device permissions working on Fedora 11, with
limited success.

I just recently discovered that DeviceKit is the replacement to HAL,
so I'd like to configure Fedora 11 the new way if possible.

Some background:

	Barry is a library and set of applications that rests on top
	of libusb.  It provides access to the proprietary databases
	in the Blackberry, modem access via PPP tty program 'pppob'
	(similar to pppoe), Java program management, and handles charging
	the battery via calling bcharge from existing udev rules.

	Newer Blackberries also show up as Mass Storage devices.

	From Barry's point of view, all that is needed is rw access to
	the device under /dev/bus/usb/.

I tried the following under

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<deviceinfo version="0.2">

    <match key="info.subsystem" string="usb_device">
      <match key="linux.device_file" exists="true">
        <match key="usb_device.vendor_id" int="0xfca">
          <append key="info.capabilities" type="strlist">access_control</append>
          <merge key="access_control.file" type="copy_property">linux.device_file</merge>
          <merge key="access_control.type" type="string">scanner</merge>


This put access_control keys in the hal-device output, but unfortunately
does not give me rw access to the device.

Should I be using DeviceKit on Fedora 11 instead?  udev-extras?  I'm a
little lost as to the best, most future-proof, and portable solution I
should be using.  I've read a lot of HAL and PolicyKit documentation
tonight, but I am still unclear on the link between all the configuration
and the resulting chmod.

Thanks in advance for any help,
- Chris

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