DeviceKit-power 006 released

Michael Biebl mbiebl at
Mon Mar 2 07:33:23 PST 2009

2009/2/10 Richard Hughes <hughsient at>:
> Version 006
> ~~~~~~~~~~~
> Released: 2009-02-10
> Bugfixes:
>  - Fix compile failure with gcc-4.4.0 and old versions of glib2 (Richard Hughes)
>  - Only enable the wakeups polling if a client requires the data (Richard Hughes)
>  - Correctly set the power-supply property (David Zeuthen)
>  - Don't crash when we limit the resolution of a small dataset (Richard Hughes)
>  - Don't sync to disk every 5 seconds, do it every 10 minutes (Richard Hughes)
>  - Fix the QoS interface with the proper signature (Richard Hughes)


looks like is bit out of sync:

AC_INIT(DeviceKit-power, 003,
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(DeviceKit-power, 007)
(note the 003 vs 007)

I suggest, setting the project name and version number only via
AC_INIT and use a simple AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE call like so
AC_INIT(DeviceKit-power, 007,

The AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE macro will automatically pull the project name
and version number from AC_INIT.

DeviceKit, DeviceKit-power and PolicyKit should be fixed the same way.

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universe are pointed away from Earth?

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