Richard Hughes hughsient at
Tue Mar 24 08:35:37 PDT 2009

In DeviceKit-power 007 I'm intending to ship a temporary
devkit-power-gobject library that will be used in xfce-power-manager and

At the moment we have four local versions of libdevkit-power in
different projects, and all four versions are different.

To use the library you have to define
that the library will change and go away when we have the EggDBus stuff
in GLib, or in a stable distro.

The new library is basically a couple of GObjects, using standard
GObjecty properties and things.

I know a couple of people don't want me to ship a shared library, but
it's just become too cumbersome to ship four local copies, one of which
I don't have commit access for. I have to support this stuff in 2-26 and
2-28 and the shared library route is much easier than relying on local
copies of stub library code, or the EggDbus code.

If the EggDbus stuff happens in the 2-27 timeline, I'll convert
devkit-power-gobject to use it, and then nuke it completely in 2-29.


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