DeviceKit-disks 009

David Zeuthen david at
Mon Nov 2 13:25:54 PST 2009


Here's a release of DKD 009, mostly bug-fixes compared to 008.

DeviceKit-disks 009

DeviceKit-disks is a daemon that provide interfaces to obtain
information and perform operations on storage devices.

NOTE NOTE NOTE: This is an unstable release of DeviceKit-disks, all
                API is subject to change.

David Zeuthen (15):
      Post-release version bump to 009
      Various device-mapper and cryptsetup fixes
      Pass -T to cryptsetup to handle incorrect passphrases
      When updating holders/slaves, defer the updates to an idle handler
      Work around blkid incorrectly detecting FAT on extended partitions
      Use 'udevadm settle' instead of 15-second timeout
      Allow creating a partition table with same scheme as existing one
      Pass -F to mkfs.ext[234] to allow creating a filesystem on the whole disk
      Use unregister facility in dbus-glib 0.82 and misc life-cycle fixes
      Add new LinuxMdComponentPosition property
      Also ignore a device if DM_UDEV_DISABLE_OTHER_RULES_FLAG is set
      Use BLKPG_DEL_PARTITION when deleting partitions instead of libparted
      Use BLKPG_ADD_PARTITION when adding a partition
      Don't use hyphens in param names
      Update NEWS for release

Martin Pitt (6):
      Bug 24673 — Support creating swap fs with labels
      Bug 24778 — throw_error() segfaults for daemon-internally called methods
      Bug 24757 — Bashism in luks helper breaks password changing
      Bug 24757 – Simplify helper-change-luks-password
      Bug 24679 — Support creating minix file systems
      Bug 24718 — Proper handling of missing mkfs.*/fsck.*

David Zeuthen,
November 2, 2009

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